I love a good story. But why do I love them so much? So I did some research to find out more about why…

Storytelling is the single most effective way to capture people’s attention, influence them favorably towards you, and cause them to take action.

So here’s a few comments from articles I found on why storytelling is so important to your business.

In the Forbes article 3 Reasons Why Brand Storytelling is the Future of Marketing, we learn stories (1) make you unforgettable (2) helps you build your tribe and (3) drives profit through humanness.

In the Quantified Communications piece on Storytelling is 22 times more memorable, we discover stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than just plain old facts. (5) Stories help with memorization. (6) Stories engage our emotions. (7) Stories use our brains differently. To create a story, you have to map out the Story Arc – characters, tension, climax, resolutions, and the new normal.

In the Harvard Business article What Makes Storytelling So Effective for Learning, Kendall Haven, author of Story Proof and Story Smart, shares this…“Your goal in every communication is to influence your target audience (8) (change their current attitudes, belief, knowledge, and behavior). Information alone rarely changes any of these. Research confirms that well-designed stories are the most effective vehicle for exerting influence.”

In another article Power Storytelling Use Stories Differentiates Connect Influence we see…“Our stories (9) help define who we are and what we stand for. (10)They set us apart in a noisy, competitive world. And they help ensure we’re remembered,” Rob Biesenbach signs off.

In Tony Robbins post on The Power of Story by Peter Guber we discover storytelling is a vehicle (11) to create loyalty, build an emotional connection with your audience, and (12) a place to be transparent and authentic.

There you have at least 12 reasons why storytelling is beneficial to your business.

Here’s a quick video on the topic of stories.

Do your marketing efforts incorporate an element of storytelling? If not, why?