Have you ever read something and was confused by what you read? It happens all the time.

A writer who is overly enthusiast about the subject they are writing on begins to write about everything relating to that one subject. They throw in multiple facts to “support” their claim but end up only muddying the waters. They toss in a story or two thinking this also will help convey the message. The words keep flowing.

What’s the end result? Reader confusion.

A confused reader will not take action of any kind, except maybe to click away from the page they are reading.

What does “The Power of One” mean?

It means that each piece of writing (web page, blog post, letter, email, etc) ought to have ONLY one core idea.

Remember when you sat in English class in school and had to write a paragraph? You were taught the first sentence is the main topic of the paragraph. The rest of the sentences are supporting the one main topic.

Why did they teach us that?

To help us communicate clearly. To help us stay on topic during a written conversation. To help our brains learn to share information in way that others can easily process.

That is one skill we could use every day to improve our communications.

Well, it’s the same way with writing for your business.  Use one main idea in each piece of content you’re writing.  Don’t clutter up a piece of content with too many ideas thrown into one piece. That would be very confusing for the reader.


Along with the one main idea, think about what one emotion you want your writing to evoke.  When someone reads your message…

How do you want them to feel?

The great copywriter, Mark Ford, explained the “Power of One” this way…Stir one core emotion. Emphasize one good idea. Tell one captivating story. Direct your prospect to one inevitable response.

Every word you use has a purpose. If it doesn’t support your core idea for the piece, cut it out. Every sentence should emphasize that idea. Lead your reader on a journey to taking the next logical action.

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