How I Help

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Marks, a certified direct response copywriter. I help real estate investors and entrepreneurs, like you, market their business online, do more deals, and increase their bottome line. 

If you’re tired of feeling self-doubt, frustration, and disappointment around your marketing efforts…

If you’re paralyzed by fear of the unknown and stuck in indecision

If you’re sick of the feast or famine cycle

Then, you’ve just entered the oasis you were looking for.

Using a proven framework, I solve the problems mentioned above.  With proper, personalized guidance and a little discipline, you can stay in the step you’re in to get results. Add laser focus to avoid getting distracted by all the various ways the “gurus” tell you to market. Throw in of pinch of persistence so you’ll become unstoppable.

Stick with me and I’ll show you what step to take and how to implement it to build the solid foundation your business needs.

What Do You Get Working with Me?

You’ll fast track your business growth by optimizing your marketing message and increase your sales without sounding like a used-car salesperson.

What’s It Like to Work with Me?

In our initial conversation, I’ll ask you questions about your business and goals. You’ll ask me questions too. As we discuss your project, I’ll let you know how I can help you.

You’ll find I’m friendly, supportive of your dream, and encouraging at every step while sharing what you need to hear to improve your marketing message.

Your success is my success. We’re in this together.

How Others Were Helped

Vanessa, a health advocate had a great message to share. The only problem was all of her sharing was done face-to-face. So, we planned a way for her to grow her audience online and share her email via email. Now, using a lead magnet and a newsletter, she’s educating her audience while she grows it.

“In my frustration, I reached out to Elizabeth for help with a landing page and email series using Mail Chimp. Based on our initial consultation, she set up a landing page, custom domain, and several email templates within an hour for my review. After a couple of coaching sessions, I learned powerful techniques for creating compelling emails my audience wants to read. Elizabeth’s calm demeanor is very personal. I am now encouraged and confident in my next marketing step.” – Vanessa Frost, a health advocate

Karen, a travel concierge, was struggling to communicate all the programs and offers she had. After spending time understanding what she offered and who she served, we crafted several email messages to lead people to take the next step in planning their vacations. We also brainstormed about her coaching program, product pricing, and landing page copy.

“Elizabeth is amazing to work with. She was able to quickly and easily understand my business direction, and communicate her ideas and suggestions. Working with Smart Copy Clicks has enhanced my marketing projects. Highly recommend!” Karen Nelson of

Florence was tasked with revamping her company’s website on top of an already full plate. After a review session, several areas were identified for improvement. Once the changes were implemented, the website was functioning better.

“Elizabeth helped me shortly before the launch of our website redesign. Very quickly, she edited my copy, shared keen insights, and offered suggestions on additional opportunities. She saved my hide as she did her job well, and she did it quickly and affordably. I might have pulled out my hair if she had not been able to support me as well as she did. When I think of Elizabeth, my first thought is, “Hire her whenever possible!” – Florence Diaz of Arvynil Laminates

It’s Your Turn

You can keep doing what you’re doing, expecting a different result…which is the definition of insanity!

Or you can have a conversation with me and see if we are a good fit for each other.

The choice is yours.