Years ago, when I first launched my business, I went to every networking group I could physically get to.


Because I’m on the introverted side, I pushed myself to exhaustion with little to show for it.


Fast forward to the present…


My real estate mentor, Pace Morby, has changed how I look at networking completely.


I used to believe networking was how you found clients. Surprise, you’ll be disappointed if this is your primary expectation.


I now know that networking is about building relationships. Looking for ways to add value, solve problems, and connect people to people. Sure, the results of that might be a new client. Then again, it might yield a connection to a person who shifts your thought process, opens you up new possibilities, or introduces you to a resource that helps further your business.


Perhaps you’ve heard this axiom – listen to understand.


Go have conversations and listen to understand the other person. Find out what they want and what they have to give others.


In the process of having those conversations, goodness will come your way. You’ll start to see your own thoughts shifting to how you can help others. You’ll become a giving and not a taker.


That energy shift can all the difference in the world!