What is the highest-value asset in your business?

It’s not your computer. It’s not your intellectual property. It’s not your office. It’s not your social media following.

It’s your email list.


Your social media following could be lost in a moment due to no fault of your own. You don’t own the connection with those followers. The platform could decide to lock you out of your account, delete your account, or ban you from their platform.

One of my mentors had a social following of 15,000 people and in an attempt to better understand her audience, she asked a question about the connection between covid and infertility treatments. It cost her big time. Her account was shut down.  All because she wanted to help those in a similar situation as herself.

This is why building your email list should be top priority in your business!  This is the best form of insurance…having a massive email list.

That’s why I want you to protect yourself.

Understand your email list is different. You own it. You have complete control over it. When someone is added to your email list, you have a responsibility to care for and nurture that relationship. 

This protects your business from the ups/downs of algorithm changes, lockouts, or banned accounts on social media.

There are several ways you can build your email list. Here are a few to get you thinking about it:

  • Give away a valuable piece of content in exchange for an email address. This is called a “Lead Magnet.” The content must be something your “lead” or prospect truly wants and desires.
  • Design a 5-day, 7-day or 31-day challenge that solves a specific problem for your audience. The challenge itself is the “Lead Magnet” and it’s highly valued because it solves a problem.
  • Host an online summit. Go interview 21 experts in your industry and only allow those that subscribe to your list to gain access to the interviews.

If you need help building your email list, book a consultation.