I’ve been in business for seven years. I’ve helped a lot of businesses with their websites. I even wrote an ebook around the biggest mistakes I see businesses making with their website and what to do to fix those problems.

I’d like to readjust your expectations of what your website should be doing for you.

For most businesses, #1 goal of your website is to get people on your email list.

This is because you don’t own the customers following your social media accounts, the platform does. When the platform decides to ban you, lock you out, or shut off your account, you lose your ability to communicate with your prospects and customers!

With your email list or database, you own it and can always communicate with them.

If you’re an e-commerce business, then the #1 goal is to get sales.

Now that I’ve reset your understanding about the purpose of your website…

The first mistake I see business owners make is around the headline. It’s the first thing visitors see when they land on your website. If it’s not well-crafted, it can leave the visitor wondering if they landed in the right place. Or worse it can cause the visitor to bounce before scrolling.

The second mistake is an ineffective use of the “above the fold” area.  This means that a visitor doesn’t have enough information, or the right information to continue.  Most people want answers as soon as they land  on a page. They want to know they are in the right place and that you know how to solve their problem. This “above the fold” area is like the first impression letting them know they are going to be cared for.

Sadly, many websites fail in this regard.

As I mentioned, the ebook has 5 common problems and how to fix them.

If you’d like to read more about these mistakes and the solution to them, please see https://bit.ly/5WaystoRecover