One of my mentors recently shared he thought AI will kill a copywriting business because of how fast and easy it can crank out copy.

But I don’t think AI will kill the copywriting business.


Here are FIVE reasons AI will NOT kill the copywriting business:

First, it’s a great tool to speed up the process of copywriting. It definitely will help with ideal starters for headlines or email subject lines or even entire emails.

Second, it will not replace copywriting. Real copywriting requires research, a deep understanding of the audience you’re writing to, fact-checking for legitimacy, and creativity for that human-to-human connection. 

Third, the average business owner who opts for a shortcut to create his/her copy with AI tools and doesn’t have an in-depth knowledge of persuasive copywriting frameworks will not gain an advantage. Instead, they might find the got copy done quickly but it doesn’t convert as expected. So in the end, did they save time or money? Not in the slightest.

Fourth, the is new, just like the internet was new at one time. There are things we just don’t know yet. How about copyright? Who owns the copy generated from AI? Is it the person who queried it? Or is it the AI platform on which it was queried? What about plagiarism? What if multiple businesses use the same snippets of AI-generated copy? Hmm.

Fifth, back to the human element. When I work with a client, I listen deeply to what’s going on in your business. I ask thoughtful questions to really understand what’s behind your request and to make sure the solutions I present are tailored to your situation. I come along with you in your business. I’m a sounding board, a mentor, a coach, and a friend. I’m a partner who is equally invested in helping your business grow. Can AI do that for you?

Sure a robot can spew out words for your marketing. But will it be a trusted friend and partner?

I think not.

Will AI kill the copywriting business?

A resounding NO is my answer.

Book a consultation and see for yourself.