There is no doubt that getting in front of your prospective clients with good content is key.  But who has the time to research, write, edit and publish all that good content?  That’s where content curation can help.

I want to share a well-kept secret with you.

Why Content Curation Helps Your Brand

There are several ways content curation strengthens your brand:

  • Positions you as an Expert
  • Adds credibility to your name
  • Shows you are resourceful
  • Demonstrates you care about others
  • You become a publisher

Become a Publisher

When you become a publisher others look to you for the latest information in your niche.

Posting relevant content, even if its not your own, bolsters your reputation as someone who knows their stuff.  And by sharing other people’s content it stands out because everyone else out there is shouting about themselves.

Content curation demonstrates your ability to find good content.

When the most people out there want to use technology to further themselves, sharing other people’s content can raise your own visibility. This demonstrates your ego isn’t driving the reason for sharing. You are perceived as caring by sharing.

So we’ve covered the how content curations helps your brand, now let’s talk about that great secret…

Finding Relevant Content

To find relevant content on a regular basis you could…

…type in keywords in Google search box and click on link after link reading to see what’s relevant. But that would definitely take too long.

Or you could…

…setup a Google Alert based on those keywords in your industry and wait for the automated email you receive to get links to content.  But that alert may get lost in your inbox among all the other emails you get daily.

Automation is Key

No, to find relevant content… you need automation.

I have just the tool for you.

It’s called

It’s an online magazine or newsletter tool. It allows you to publish an online newspaper based on social media feeds and keywords you select as you set it up.

For example, I’ve mentioned previously my target market is businesses who sell business intelligence tools.  Therefore, I setup my own newspaper is called Business Intelligence Daily.   See the example below:

Business Intelligence Daily Newsletter Example

Having your own newsletter allows you to always have access to the latest information posted. It provides articles, videos, pictures, podcasts, etc.

You’ll never have to go searching for something to share. All you need to do is open your newsletter and copy article link and post to whichever social media site you may be working in.

It couldn’t be simpler!

Another Benefit of Content Curation

Once your newsletter is setup, you can start growing your list too. As more people read the newsletter, they will likely sign up to receive your newsletter via email.

So now you know a trade secret of content curation. Are you ready to get started?

Contact me if you want help with your content curation plans.