Paid versus Organic Traffic – which is better?

My clients often ask, which is better for my business? Should I jump into Paid Ads to get more exposure online fast? Or are there ways to get exposure that don’t cost so much?

Look, paid ads have a place in our overall marketing strategy. However, if you’re just starting out and not making $300,000 a year yet, I’d stay away from paid ads.


Because you’ll lose money!

Until you have marketed your business for a while you might not have figured out the messaging that works to attract your ideal audience yet. It takes time to craft a message that gets results. That’s why marketing uses the “fail fast” mentality. Keep tweaking your message until it grabs the attention of your prospects and causes them to take action.

I recommend you start with an organic approach. This way is less expensive when you’re just starting out. It will require your time and diligence to stay consistent, but it will save your bank account until you have a proven message that converts.

Then fully utilize ONE social media platform where you know you’re ideal clients hang out. Once you’ve masted that one platform, you can expand to another one. Rinse and repeat so your distribution channels increase year over year. All of these social media platforms are available to you for FREE.

This allows you to post content, connect with an audience, get feedback from your ideal customers, listen to what they share on social, and continue to tweak your message to until it has a great impact.

Both strategies are needed in your overall marketing plan. Use wisdom on when to apply one over the other. As you build a following and have engagement and know what converts, then you can budget for paid ads to scale your impact.

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