Last time we talked about how fishing and lead magnets are similar. In fact, they are very much the same thing.

Your lead magnet is like a fishing line you cast in the lake. If you have only one, you might get a fish and you might not given how large the lake is and where the fish are in that lake.

If you had 5 or 6 fishing lines in the lake, your chances of catching something just went up.

Your marketing message must change frequently so that it appears fresh and new. That’s where lead magnets can come in the mix.

Since there are 12 months in year, you could easily have 12 different lead magnets so that you have something new to market each month of the year.

The content of lead magnet might change or not. If you can come up with a different angle or hook to lead with, you can use the same basic content with small tweak to the title and tagline.

Then again, you might need to create multiple lead magnet content if you’re struggling to find exactly what your ideal audience would like.

To answer the question in the title of this post…it depends.

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