Your business needs attention or it will die!

How can you get people’s attention and draw them into your business?

  1. You can start locally.

What business around you locally could be served by your business? You could visit these local businesses and ask to speak to the owner.

What activities or events are happening locally you could attend to get in close proximity to those you want to serve?

2. If you’ve already exhausted your local possibility, it’s time to reach more customers online.

Reaching people online is a long-term play. It will require you to create a lot of content. It requires consistency.

You can’t post a few things and disappear for months and post a few more things.

Hey, I’m guilty of this myself and I’m a marketer. (I sometimes focus so much on my clients, I fail to focus on my business. But I’m getting better every day!)

It takes frequency. You must continue to post things repeatedly because of the social platform’s algorithms you have no idea whether anyone will see your post. This is why frequency matters.

Think of the newsfeeds as a fast-moving river. If you’re standing in one spot, that river is flowing past you.

Your one post goes in and it is swiped away quickly. Only those who were on at the same time will ever see that post. A few might find it if they spend hours scrolling through the feed.

A good practice is to remind yourself that no one saw what you posted last time.

Just keep posting. (Dorry’s song from the Disney movie “Nemo” comes to mind here – Just keep swimming.)

Eventually, people will start seeing your posts because you post frequently. Until they do start seeing your content, assume no one is seeing it and keep posting!

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