Online marketing is the BEST way to stay visible to your potential customers right now.  But if you don’t have a strategy and you’re just flinging social posts out once in a while, chances are you won’t attract who is right for your business.

Or worse you’ll just be ignored.

That’s where strategy comes into play.

If you haven’t taken the time to build out your marketing strategy, now is a great time to do that. Define who you are, who you serve, how you help those you serve, and what impact you want to make with your business. Describe the logical metrics of this plan as well.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure” says Peter Drucker.

You’ll want to consider overall marketing strategy and then individually your content marketing strategy, social medial strategy, email marketing strategy, and your website’s strategy.  

Remember, your strategy is your like your guiding principles. With this in place first, every tactic you choose to use will help you reach your desired results because you have defined it!

If you need help with your strategies, let’s talk. I’d be glad to assist you in the strategic planning process.

Now, if you have these strategies well defined already – great, you’ll be ready to reach out to your potential customers.

Tactics come next

There many ways to stay top of mind with your customers and potential customers during this crazy covid-19 time.

  • Reach out to people (call, email, text, mail, social media, direct messages, etc.)
  • Use video – people connect with people, even through video!
  • Serve – what can I do for you right now? (no selling, just be helpful)
  • Educate – offer valuable content that helps your audience solve problems

Use Social Media to stay in touch. There are few things to consider.

  1. Due to the algorithms of each social media platform, you can’t just post the same thing on every platform. They each have their own guidelines. Image size requirements and specific things they don’t want to see, like links to take people off their platforms.
  • If you use video, for example, both Facebook and LinkedIn recommend you post natively in their platform. That means, you use their in-app video option for creating the video. Why? Because they want people to stay in their app. If you post a YouTube video for example, they are less likely to want to show that video to more people because it points people away from their platform to YouTube to watch it.
  • LinkedIn is similar to how Facebook was 5 years ago. They are still learning and growing. That means an opportunity for you. When they finally release Live video, you’ll have the opportunity gain new territory being among the first users of Live on the LinkedIn platform. You must apply to gain access, as it’s still in beta.  
  • Using popular hashtags in your posts can help extend your reach. You should search for trending hashtags and use any that are relevant to your industry or topic so you can extend your audience to those who follow that hashtag.
  • Realize one post a day will probably not be seen by that many people. Increase your chances of being seen by repurposing your posts and publishing many more times a day. Exactly how many I can’t tell you, but if you increased from 1 to 5, you might see an uptick in viewers. If you increased from 5 to 10 posts you should definitely see an increase.
  • Another way to increase visibility to your posts, is to get people to like, comment, and share within the first hour your post is published.  How do you do that? Ask your network to help you out. Tell them you’re testing something and would greatly appreciate their help. Let them know you’ll share the findings of your test results. 

To gain more visibility you must have the basic foundation in place.

A website, lots of content to share, an email list, and an offer. But just having those things won’t make you a success.

You must do something with them!

  • Is your website speaking to your audience? Consider a content assessment to see what can be improved to strengthen your message right now.
  • Have an email marketing tool + a lot of content? Use email marketing to connect with your audience and lead them to your content.
  • Don’t have a lot a content? Start creating blog posts that offer value to your audience.
  • Don’t have an email list?  Build one using a freebie offer and landing page.
  • Want to create another source of income?  Consider creating courses to sell your knowledge to those you want to learn from you.

If you need help with any of these, let’s talk. I can certainly help you.