Based on Nathan Frazer’s training within Ray Edwards’ TCA Coaching Program, here are nine ideas for content you can share on social media.

  1. Flag Planting – Create a post that talks about where you stand on a controversial subject. It’s good call out what you stand for, even if some people get mad about it. Be you.
  2. Gratitude Posts – Who has helped you on your journey? Consider a post to highlight your gratitude for the difference they made in your life.
  3. Feedback Needed – Audiences love to share their opinions, so ask them. Create a simple multiple-choice question to get feedback on something.
  4. Humble Brags – Share stories of your clients, the problem they had, and how you helped them. It’s not about you, it’s about the success your client had when the problem was solved. At the same time it demonstrates your expertise without doing the “look at me” thing.
  5. Shout Out – This is similar to the gratitude post, but it can be for anything. Say you took a course that really helped you, tell people why it helped. Maybe you read a good book, share it with others. Or say you’re using a specific tool and want everyone to know about it because it saves you so much time.
  6. Quick Tips –This is one of my favorites, being a teacher. I love sharing helpful tips with others. Do you know something that would help someone? Share it. Just keep it simple. One tip per post. Make it something the reader can implement right away and gain value from.
  7. Us versus Them – This is similar to the flag planting, only it’s more of a rally cry to gather those who think like you do and union against a common enemy.
  8. Background Stories – People love stories. Tell people why you got into the business your in. Tell people stories of struggle and how people overcame it. Be inspirational, encouraging, and incite courage in others.
  9. Next Step – This is the time to tell people how they can work more closely with you. Tell them exactly how they can go deeper with you. Yes, this is where you offer specific call-to-actions.