The Marketing Basics Never Change

If you’re new to online marketing, you might not know what a lead magnet is. That’s ok.

A lead magnet is a content piece that adds value to your ideal audience. It is so compelling for your ideal audience they will gladly exchange their email address to get it. The result is you build your internal email list or database with each opt-in.

Remember, your #1 business asset is your email list or database. Everything you do in marketing MUST grow your email list. This builds a solid foundation that cannot be taken away from you.

The biggest mistakes I see businesses make with their lead magnet strategy…

  1. Not thinking about the client’s perspective.
  2. Not solving a problem your ideal audience has.
  3. Taking the easy approach and looking at what you have already done and calling it a lead magnet.

How do you solve these mistakes?

First, remember it’s always about them (your ideal audience) and NOT about you!

The trick with marketing is to inject yourself into the conversation that’s already going on in your ideal audience’s mind. This leads to the second thing…

You must understand what problems your ideal audience has that you can solve for free in your lead magnet. If you can articulate the problem better than your ideal audience can, you’ll have a winner! If you don’t know their problems, STOP! You’ll need to do some research before creating a lead magnet.

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