Automation for the sake of automation is a big No, No! However, strategically used, automation is a game changer!

The purpose of automation is manyfold. From taking some of the work off your already burdened shoulders to improving customer experience and building know, like, and trust factors that lead to repeat purchases.

Yes, automation done correctly can save time, deepen relationships, and increase your bottom line.

Allow me to outline a few MUST HAVE automations:

  1. A Welcome Series – when someone is a new subscriber, how they experience you will be one of the deciding factors on whether they engage with you in the future. A well-planned welcome series can create a consistent customer experience so everyone shares the same “priming,” if you will. These are “buy me stuff” emails. It’s more of a “welcome to my home, let me show you around” kind of vibe.
  2. Customer Loyalty – A simple campaign to wish your subscriber a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary are a great way to build a bond with your readers. You must collect that data, in order. to pull this off. If you need help figuring out how to collect the data, let’s talk.
  3. A worthy lead magnet – Having a lead magnet strategy is a good start. What’s better is having a worthy lead magnet to offer in the first place. I see a lot of businesses do this the wrong way. It must be worthy in the eyes of your target audience. It must make them salivate and cause them to give you their email address to get the information.
  4. Invitation Series – A campaign that invites your subscribers to live in person or virtual events is key to growing your relationship with them.
  5. Upsell / downsell – Your offer strategy plays a critical role in your upsell / downsell campaigns. If your offers aren’t on point, the campaign might not yield the results you were looking for.

What does your sales process look like? How does your potential client interact with you or your team? What content, information, or proof do they need at each step in their buying journey?

It’s helpful to map that out before you implement any automation. If you need help, let’s talk as I have resources that can help you.